I am late to the game at documenting your life, but I figure- better late than never!  This isn’t entirely true, I take lots of photos of you and post them on instagram for all of our friends and family to see.  However, there is so much I don’t want to forget about you because I am having the time of my life. 

 Today is Sunday.  You wake up around 6:45am wanting me.  This is a little early for you but you can see the sunlight peeking through your blinds so you say its time to wake up!  Every morning I am the only one who can get you out of bed.  The first thing you want is for the light to be turned on.  Then you want out of your sleep sack.  You have been sleeping in a sleep sack since you were a newborn.  You still sleep in an overnight diaper so I ask you to please take that off and put underwear on.  You are not thrilled about this, and say, “ok, but after I put my underwear on, can I put my jamma bottoms back on for a little bit?” I agree to this compromise.  It’s nothing surprising, as you ask for this same scenario every morning.  You take your diaper off and put your underwear on all by yourself, but ask for some assistance putting your jamma bottoms back on.  After this is complete, we head to the couch in the living room to snuggle and color.  Daddy is still sleeping.  Our dog, Phyllis, joins us on the couch.  One of the things I love about you so much is how much you like to snuggle and relax in the morning.   We like to get under the same blanket and entangle our limbs together.  Sometimes you request a cartoon, most days I have a cup of coffee in hand, and we just slowly wake up together.  It’s such a sweet part of my day.  Today you are really wanting to color.  You rip a few pages out of your Minnie Mouse coloring book and grab a handful of crayons.  You insist on me doing this with you and if I stop coloring for more than 3 seconds you stop and look at me and ask me to keep coloring.  Sometimes you point to a section of the page that needs to be colored, as if I stopped because I thought it was complete.  We do this for some time and then we start talking about Christmas and Thanksgiving.  You are trying to understand when these are going to happen.  You ask me what day Christmas is and then want to know if it is next week or in 5 weeks.  I love when you say things like this because I can just see your little brain trying to figure out how far away these events are.  This leads to talking about what you want to ask Santa for and we begin to look at catalogs and the Internet to gather ideas.  The first thing you say is that you really want plates for your kitchen.  We find some that you like and we put them on the list.  You also ask for Doc McStuffin stuff, coloring books (shocker) and a dollhouse.  You also want a cash register and this tent thing that you can go inside and read books.  There are many different styles of tents on the website (landofnod.com) but you really want the one that looks like a rocket ship, which I found strange because you usually pick the most girly option.  I compiled the list and sent them to your Grandma and your G-ma. 

 After we untangle ourselves and decide to get ready, you ask if we can go outside and blow bubbles.  You love bubbles.  We went in the backyard with Phyllis and took turns blowing bubbles.  Then you want to ride your bike while blowing bubbles so we go out front and attempt this.  While riding your bike you started singing a song you made up about how much you love to hold my hand and peanut butter and jelly and fruit snacks and coloring.  You are so adorable.  I record this song and post it on instagram. 

 You are like a puppy.  I cannot walk a few feet with you without someone stopping us to say how cute you are, how much they like your dress or your shoes.  You almost never respond but eventually you say thank you. 

 Next, we got to lunch at Tacolicious with Daddy. This restaurant is on Chestnut Street and is one of your favorites.  You come here with Daddy every Friday. 

 After this you want a cupcake from Susie Cakes and so we do this and you eat the whole thing without getting any on your face or your dress.  This is one of the most amazing things about you.  You are so unbelievably clean it’s not normal.  We then walk down to the pet supply store because Phyllis needs dog food.  You like coming here because there is a little bowl of candy at the register. 

 When we get home we color some more and then you go down for your nap.

Two words you said today that were so adorable

Tum instead of tongue

Tomach instead of stomach

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  1. After reading all five of your posts in reverse chronological order and seeing that no one other than myself has commented (& only one other person has clicked “Like”), it’s apparent that you’re too good a writer to not have your posts read. May I suggest that you start using the “Categories” and “Tags” so that others may have the pleasure of coming across your work and enjoying it as much as I do.

    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks so much! Wow- I really really appreciate the kind words! I feel like I did a few categories and tags but perhaps im doing something wrong? Do you have any suggestions on how I can figure this out? I’m clearly very very new at this!

  2. I found you by clicking on the “Like” icon which you kindly registered on my AUSTEN POWER post, and it seems others are now finding you the same way, as I’m noticing more “Likes” showing up on your posts since my previous comment.

    I’m no expert on how to promote oneself (I’d much rather spend my time creatively, in any case), but I think if you do more of what you did for me (click “Like” and/or comment on posts of other blogs you dig), this will bring increased exposure, and some of it is bound to “stick” when they see the quality of your writing. Of course, you don’t want to get carried away, clicking “Like” on everything you see, but if you’re like me, you’re looking for quality rather than quantity in your readership as well as in your writing.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  3. So after you liked one of my posts, i decide to view and like your blog and its the best decision i have made this week. Your blog is funny and cute and so clever. I look forward to each new post and I wish I could fast forward and see Future Stella’s responses to all your posts! Keep them coming

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