Today is Monday and that means I don’t work and I take you to school. The mornings are crazy but easy because you love routine. Each morning I wake a little before you but after daddy has left for work. Our house is so quiet and our floors are so loud that getting out of bed before you wake up is such a gamble. I sometimes like to get up and get coffee and shower before you wake up so that when you wake up i can focus on you. However, sometimes the first step on the floors wake you up and you shout, “Mommy!” before I have made it 1 foot. Today you woke up at 6:50am, early, again. Our routine for school days is similar to weekends, except I have to get ready and get us both out the door at 8:20am. We take the bus. The 22. It costs $2. I always have cash from my job so we never buy the clipper card. You like to sit in the same seat and we have lots of friends we have made on the bus. Our favorite bus driver is a young man with a beard. One day he didn’t say good morning to you and you asked me, loudly, right in front of him, “Mommy, why isn’t he talking to me?” From that day on he never forgot to say good morning to you, today is no exception. When we approach our stop, you always ask me if I want coffee. I think this is so funny because you are really asking if we are going to stop at the coffee shop on the corner (Tully’s). I have never actually got a coffee here with you, i always gets a croissant. Then we walk to school and you get really excited. You go to Calvary Preschool on Fillmore and Jackson. Your friends you talk about are Sophina, Audrey and Caroline. You also like Kate but you say she doesn’t like to play with you, she plays with Eloise.

While you are at school, I do a variety of things. I should go to the gym. Today I wanted to get my nails done but when I got home I got sucked into this movie on HBO… Anywhere But Here with Natalie Portman and Susan Serandon. It was good but I found myself grateful I’m not a single mom and hoping our relationship doesn’t end up that way. I can no longer watch a movie with a mother and daughter and not instantly relate it to us. Susan is so selfish as a mother and does awful things to her daughter during her teenage years. You are only 3 so I try not to overthink this right now. It’s hard though, Stella, because I love you so much and I want us to always be friends. I had a great Mom, and even she couldn’t figure me out as a teenager. Ugh. For now, we are best friends. You tell me all the time I’m your favorite. I swear.

You are really picky! I started a new rule for you today. You are not allowed to get a treat or a dessert until you eat 3 bites of a new food. I started it off with peas tonight. You acted like I was feeding you rabbit feces. However, you choked 3 down and got your hello kitty fruit snacks.

Currently here is a list of foods you will eat
Frozen waffles- no butter or syrup. No brown parts. No powdered sugar. Sometimes you like it plain wrapped in a napkin. Sometimes you like jelly on it and cut into triangles
Oatmeal- sometimes
Peanut butter and jelly no crust
Cheese quesadillas
Pasta with butter and  cheese
White rice
Frozen turkey meatballs

Your favorite thing is asking “why not?” You usually don’t ask this question appropriately. Example. You- “mom, are we taking the bus to school today?” Me- “yes.” You- “why not?”

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