Today i made you eat 3 pomegranate seeds to get a piece of your Halloween candy. You said they were too crunchy BUT you made sure to tell me to tell Lydia(your new nanny) about the new rule. I think that is your way of saying you like pomegranate seeds, or you like Halloween candy.
My iPhone said it was supposed to rain today so I decked us both out in rain gear. Embarrassing because it was totally sunny and I heard it “kind of drizzled” later in the day. sorry!
I’m currently sitting at the bar across the street from my work writing this. I got done early and wanted to write a bit. I hope you like to write. I love it so much. However, I would support you in whatever you love. Right now you love to color and it’s mostly fun but sometimes you can be a little agro about it. Loving activities and people is the best feeling in the world. Just don’t love soccer. Please.

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