Stella’s baby book is empty but she already has an Instagram account. I have always had an inappropriate sense of humor so it’s easier for me to talk to Future Stella and not Current Stella, who is only 4. Not to say I don’t talk to Current Stella, that would be strange if I just completely ignored her, I just don’t really talk to her the way my brain prefers things to come out of my mouth. In the process of doing this, I realized I have so much to say to the person I’m raising her to be.
*If you read something I wrote and are totally horrified that I would say that to a 4 year old- calm down, I most likely didn’t. Despite how I portray myself in this blog, I’m actually really loving and sweet to my child. All the inappropriate stuff mostly happens in my head, thus inspiring this blog so it can find a way out somehow.

We live in San Francisco, California. This place is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. We are surviving because of rent control and a fierce determination to raise our daughter in the most beautiful, diverse, opportunistic place on earth. My husband and I are from the same small town and moved here together in 2003 to start a new life and it has been an amazing journey.

I am a hair colorist at a fancy salon and I have a love affair with my job. Its amazing and totally fulfilling. Writing is another one of my creative outlets so who knows where this little venture will bring me.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I love when readers leave me comments and I always write back.

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  1. Stella, you left a humbling comment on my blog (THANK YOU!), and I decided I needed to see who you are. What a great idea you have here. Your daughter is beautiful, and you obviously care deeply for her. It’s wonderful that you have a good sense of humor … she will appreciate that in her future. 😉

  2. Shelby, you are a phenomenal and hilarious writer. I am usually in tears by the end of each post. (insert clapping emojis that I can’t figure out how to put in here cause I’m on my laptop not iPhone)

    1. Shannon! Thanks! That’s a very very nice thing to say. I wish my laptop had emojis too. I bet future Stella will have emojis on her lap top. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. I just spent nearly an hour reading through some of your posts and actually laughed so hard that I cried. You are the exact mother that I’m going to be (in the distant future). Such a great blog. And your daughter is adorable!

    1. Thanks Ashley!!! It’s always nice when someone takes the time to visit my blog and stay awhile. Im about ready to go nose deep in yours right now…..

  4. I think this is a lovely idea for a blog. You will no doubt turn this into a book that Stella (who is adorable) will treasure. You seem to be such a loving parent.

    1. Thanks! I adore her and this is a fun way for me to document the time of my life! Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

  5. Lol. I kind of like it that you tell it how it is. Some people take parenting too seriously. It’s fricking hard and you’re gonna mess it up along the way. There’s already too much pressure of ‘I’m I doing it right’ and ‘what do other moms think.’ I have a 4yr old and 17 month old. Thanks for the follow!

  6. Brilliant idea!! I mean, absolutely bloody beautiful! I find this quite entertaining and plan to stop in often! So happy to have found this blog! Thanks to OM! 😉

  7. Wow this is such a great blog (idea).i would have SO done this if the internet had been around when my two were growing up…..well until they turned into Hell Teens anyway. (They got by that, and are now respectable young working adults, but I’m just letting you know there will be *madness moments*) Oh and thank you for the follow. Its appreciated 😀

  8. Thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says…come again, stay a while – have a drink even! Happy blogging. Steve…

  9. What a neat idea for a blog! I love this. I came over to thank you for the follow, but now I’ll thank you for finding me so that I could find you. I think I’m going to enjoy this alot!

    1. Hi, I am here! Thank you for noticing my disappearance! So so so kind of you! We are all doing well! I took a writing class and got major stage fright and I have not been able to post anything! As soon as I find the motivation I will begin again. Hopefully soon! Hope all is well with you too!

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