Art Imitating Life

Dear Future Stella,

Whatcha doing right now? Hanging with your robot friends? Vacationing on the beaches of Saturn? D-NAting? (In case nobody has created my idea, D-NAting is a dating service that utilizes your DNA to create the ultimate offspring). 

I cannot pretend to guess what it is you are up to at age 24, I can only speculate based on what you like doing now. You love coloring. You literally color constantly. Lately, I have been very impressed with your improvement in the coloring arena. Your people drawing skills have become so detailed and your use of color has blown me away. 

Every Friday your art comes home from school. It’s finally getting enjoyable to sort through. No offense, but pretending to be excited about scribbles and pasta glued to construction paper is not something I’m capable of. Most of the time it goes straight into the recycling. Sometimes you discover it in there and dig it out and bring it to me. You are so concerned about how it ended up in there and I usually explain to you that Daddy didn’t want to keep it so he put it in the trash.

Yesterday I was going through your art from last week and I stumbled upon a piece that left me speechless.

I am fully aware of the fact that the two things you have seen more than anything else in your life is the movie Frozen and a full glass of red wine so it makes perfect sense that you wanted to draw these things. I still have some questions for Current Stella. Here’s what I’m planning on asking her when she wakes up in the morning.

Im sort of confused about the train in the background. Are you calling me a train wreck? Is my wine glass the empty or the full one? I have told you so many times how much I love pink clouds so I appreciate that you included them in this picture, but is that really a Dinosour/poodle hybrid mounting the train? I swear, you can mix a poodle with anything and it’s instantly cuter- good call. Finally, the most important question is, how many of your teachers saw this picture, Sweetie? You can tell Mommy, like one teacher? Did you notice them pass it around to eachother or anything like that? Did you say anything about this drawing to them specifically? 

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, you know, I also do a shitload of dishes and laundry- why don’t you draw that next time?



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