Bus Conversations With Current Stella

Dear Future Stella,

Current Stella is very chatty on the bus. She usually takes this public opportunity to ask me embarrassing questions, or displays behavior that “I swear she has never done before..” However, some bus rides are filled with delicious moments that I want to relive over and over. Today was that kind of moment.

Today’s conversation went like this:

Current Stella- How do you get home from work?
Me- Sometimes I walk, sometimes I take the bus, sometimes Daddy picks me up, sometimes I take a cab or an Uber.
Current Stella- Why don’t you run?
(Laughter from surrounding bus patrons)
Me- I am usually wearing high heels and I can’t run with my purse
Current Stella- Well, here’s the thing (she actually used those words), you could bring running shoes and use a backpack instead of a purse. I think you should run home.
Me- I could, but I stand all day on my feet and so the thought of running home doesn’t really sound that appealing. Why don’t YOU run home from school?
Current Stella- because Dad is always there to pick me up
Me- I could tell him not to come
Current Stella- What if I have to cross a street? I can’t cross a street by myself
Me- You could ask a stranger to help you cross
Long pause
Current Stella- What if a stranger never comes?
Me- Don’t worry, someone will eventually come. This is San Francisco.

That shockingly ended the conversation. She spent the rest of the ride to school in silence.

When I was dropping her off I told her that her dad would pick her up.
Current Stella, in a voice that showed she was dead serious asked, “So, I don’t have to run home?”

I mean, melt my heart, and freeze it into heart shaped ice cubes. It really doesn’t get any sweeter than Current Stella.

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, you told me today that you loved me more than all the dogs in every city in the whole world. I don’t think you realize how many stray dogs are just roaming around Mexico…..

One thought on “Bus Conversations With Current Stella

  1. Like the saying says, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”
    Well, maybe when you have grandchildren, it’ll come close!

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