Just When I Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Dear Future Stella,

So as you know, today  I was supposed to find out where Current Stella would be getting suspended from soon (a.k.a Kindergarten). I had to work all day so I left your dad the very important job of getting the mail and calling me immediately at work on our secret emergency phone line so I could take over from there. He had one job, Future Stella, one job. 

First of all, I got a text, not a call. One job. Second, the text said that the mail came but no letters were there-  just some bills and my renewed cosmetology license. Obviously this is all his fault. Did he chase the mailman and ask him to check again? Of course not. Did he call all the schools and inquire? Nope. Did he spend the rest of his day pacing around the house, calling the postal service to see if there is any way we could somehow get access to tomorrow’s mail? No, he did not. One job. 

So basically I have to wait until tomorrow to find out because your Dad couldn’t handle his one job. Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…..

My coworker told me today that Disney announced that they are making Frozen II. Just kick me while I’m down Elsa. I would send Stella to the worst school in the city in exchange for that not to happen. I just can’t. 

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, I have no idea what school you are going to (if any) but I am probably going to tell you that Elsa murders Anna in the sequel and that it’s really scary. 



2 thoughts on “Just When I Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Worse

  1. First off I love reading your letters to future Stella!

    Cracked up at what you may tell Stella about Frozen II! Just when our own Celeste was finally not singing that song…disney goes and makes this announcement, ugh!

    1. It’s really going to blow. If the 2nd movie is like the first and it doesn’t come out for another year, that means Stella will be obsessed until she’s 7, subjecting me to 5 years of Frozen- which is basically my hell, the ironic opposite of frozen….

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