Our Week Recap

Dear Future Stella,

We have done some pretty fun stuff these past couple of days. Current Stella is evolving into this little lady that doesn’t totally suck to spend time with.  Who knew? 

As a family we went to Sushi on Saturday night. Current Stella tried 5 new foods 

*raw yellowtail




*beef gyoza

In exchange for trying these foods Current Stella was allowed to pick out 5 things from Amazon.com, making this sushi dinner stupid expensive. Here are the 5 things she wanted to get

*Frozen glitter gliders

*the Elsa and Anna flip and switch castle

*a package of 10 Barbie shoes

*a Cinderella Barbie

*some other frozen bullshit thing that looks just like a ton of other worthless crap you have accumulated. 

I try to encourage trying new foods in ways  that don’t involve forcing or other food incentives, like dessert. Although you are technically being motivated to try new foods by the reward of toys, we don’t sit there and beg and pressure. If you do it- great, if you don’t, we are just as happy because we are not as broke. It’s a total win-win.

On Sunday we went to brunch with my mommy bestie (the incredible Kelly) and her daughter, Current Stella’s classmate, Audrey. We ate at Tipsy Pig and Kelly bought Current Stella a book at the local bookstore. Here’s a shocker- it was a princess book. I will never understand this obsession, but I understand less the groups of moms who are totally anti and try and steer their daughters in other directions. As if! It’s like a princess has invaded her body and there is nothing I can do to stop the incessant princess language, attire, or behavior. I just tune it out with the help of wine and good friends.


Here is Audrey, flipping me off. You two cuties are really just a pleasure. It’s called Tipsy Pig for a reason and so I’m pretty sure I’m just chugging vodka by this point. Just kidding, I’m actually nursing a Bloody Mary because the night before was a rough one.

On Monday it was both the first day back to school from Spring Break and  the opening day for the San Francisco Giants so I decided to have friends over to watch the game and celebrate the beginning of our favorite season. Naturally, this meant sending Current Stella to school in head to toe Giants gear. As soon as I dropped her off I received an email from her school reminding me that today was picture day. Fucking perfect. 90% of the time time Current Stella is a walking fashion billboard, and the day it’s actually going to be captured by professionals, I send her to school looking like some sort of sporty spice. 



Whatever, I guarantee this picture will be cuter than your actual cheerleading pics (if you ever became one). So if you ever have wondered why you are wearing fan gear in your school photo, that is why. 

The Giants party was super fun but we lost. In attendance was the Kimbroughs (duh), Annie and Andy, Kara, Phillip, and Gail The Puppy. It was ballpark food themed so I was in heaven.    


After most everyone left Current Stella and Annie snuggled up and read a book. Hopefully she is still in your life- your bond is pretty special and it’s such an awesome mom feeling when your friends make an effort to connect with your kids. 


Ok, confession. I just wanted to show that last picture because it looks like Gail the Puppy is totes dancing like a boss. Although my friends reading to my kid is sweet, let’s be honest, if Gail wasn’t doing the Macarena then this photo would never had made it to the future.

On Tuesday Kelly and myself took Current Audrey and Current Stella to the DeYoung museum to see the Bouquets de Art exhibit. I really wanted to take her there because Current Stella is obsessed with flowers of any kind. This exhibit brings in floral designers from all over the area to make arrangements that compliment the museum’s art. It’s absolutely stunning what some people can do with flowers.



Ugh. You better still be friends with Audrey. She’s such a badass little kid. 



It has been a great couple of days. Tonight Current Stella was being a slight pill when I got home from work. Not anything crazy like OxyContin, more like a Tylenol, but a pill none the less. 

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, your Grandpa sent you a coloring book of all the native flowers in California today. You LOVED this and immediately wanted to color in it and learn about all the flower names. You were very curious about pansies and I told you that it was your dad’s favorite flower. When he got home you attempted to share this newfound knowledge with him (as I was hoping) but you butchered it and said, “Daddy, Mommy told me you like panties.” This made him beam. Child, do you have any idea how many times I have set you up for the greatest joke of all time and it backfires and the joke ends up being on me?  All your fault. 



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  1. Stella’s Mommy, this post calls to mind a Tony Bennett song that’s older than you are. It starts, “Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal….” :)

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