The Statement Necklace

Dear Future Stella,

Current Stella is quite the fashionista, mainly because she still lets me dress her! I keep waiting for her to demand to pick out her own clothes, but that day has not come yet. As much as I love a kid in random clothes that is so obviously self chosen, I adore the task of picking out her outfits. Its really fun for me and she looks so dang cute in everything!! One of the things she really loves is jewelry, specifically necklaces. She isn’t allowed to wear jewelry to school (something we got reprimanded for her first week) so the weekends are extra special because we get to add this bit of flair to her ensembles. Today was no exception. We were just going to the park, but a necklace was a must. This is an old necklace of mine and I actually have no idea where it came from but I thought it looked cute with your sandals.


FullSizeRender_4 2


FullSizeRender_1 2

Your dad was annoyed with me for dressing her like this for the park because he was worried she wouldn’t be able to play. She didn’t seem to have a problem.







I think its important to note Future Stella, this is February and she is wearing a skirt, tank top and sandals. We are having crazy nice weather this year. Its unbelievable.

Here are some of my favorite Past Stella’s statement necklace looks. This first one is technically not a necklace but the rest are. Its actually my very first Instagram post ever- exactly 2 years ago, to the day strangely enough.


These next ones are you rocking my costume jewelry








This next necklace she wore all the time, including on a camping trip!




I even let her wear my expensive and sentimental jewelry. As crazy as that sounds, Current Stella is always telling me where I left my phone and my keys so I knew they were better off in her custody. The silver necklace with the circle is Tiffany’s and was a gift from my best friend (Auntie Amy) for being in her wedding. The small gold locket was given to me by my dad (Grandpa) on the day he married my mom (Gma). That is for sure a whole other post!

At some point she became obsessed with the double necklace look. The first picture shown is actually her first day of school outfit at preschool. Soon after, we received a very kind email informing us of the no jewelry rule. I was kind of proud because if she was going to get in trouble by the principal, at least it was fashion related!


And to prove she was still just a kid, here she is rocking her favorite statement necklace. It is of the candy variety.

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, you are such a treasure to dress each and every morning.



7 thoughts on “The Statement Necklace

  1. Oh my word! What a little fashionista. Love it. I made my daughter a beautiful sterling silver and sapphire necklace for Christmas, and grandma got her a an obnoxious, plastic stretchy necklace. Guess which one she loves and which one she refuses to wear? Boo.

  2. She is just too precious. Honestly. I remember the good ole days. Then mine grew up and got sassy. I honestly don’t know what blog of mine would be worse… The things my 16 year old says – or the vile acts my neighbors are doing.

    No matter. I enjoy reading about Stella. She is a gem.

    1. As long as your blog doesn’t turn into Things My Neighbors Are Doing to My 16 Year Old then I would say you are good. I very much enjoy reading about your neighbors and now I really want to know what your 16 year old says…..

  3. You know how envious I am of all the fun you get to have dressing Stella! I love that she is wearing your costume jewels. Before Audrey decided all things girly and fashionable suck I used to put her in mine :) I adore all the pics! So sweet

    1. I will say right now that Future Audrey will have better fashion sense than Future Stella. And Future Jack is going to take the cake.

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