To Belieb or Not to Belieb- I Dont Care Either Way

Dear Future Stella,

I was in an Über on my way home tonight and the city looked so ridiculous (in a good way. Im not sure how your generation will use that word). It looked like there were little lego houses on hills. The bay was perfectly calm and the sunset was this magical salmon color. A few boats were peppered on the horizon and every single house looked like a storybook. There was no breeze and the air was the perfect temperature. I will never get used to this city and its beauty. I feel so lucky to live here and even more delighted that I get to raise Current Stella here. I hope at some point you were able to notice this luxury and really, truly absorb it. Its amaze-balls (another trendy slang word that I hope makes you cringe right now).

For pure entertainment value, I would like to note that as I write this, Justin Bieber is getting roasted on Comedy Central. I am dying to know what someone of your generation thinks about him. Lets please meet soon and just strictly talk Justin Bieber. Its going to be so much fun. I hope I can even remember who he is in 20 years. If I need help, just give me these clues. Say, “Baby, Baby, Baby- ooh.”

Actually, just show me this video and it should jog my memory. Side note- your Dad thought it was “Jot my memory.” I like to point out moments when I appear smarter than him. I don’t know about you, but my memory doesn’t seem to jog or jot. Wait, before you watch this please make sure your sound is turned up- otherwise its totally pointless.

Oh thats right, now I recall, you are a longtime Belieber. I really tried my best to blur your lady parts but I am not a computer person and it was getting late.

Your Dad has almost finished redecorating Current Stella’s room. Eight trips to IKEA and several bottles of wine later, its making progress. Not enough to photograph, but its coming along. I can’t wait for her to see it.

Future Stella, I love you. Current Stella, you had a moment with your Dad today that was so sweet and so inspiring for me to see as a parent. You were acting like a lunatic and screaming and your Dad both disciplined and loved you all in the same action. I hope that in your moments of emotional frustrations your Dad will continue to support and ground you. It was pretty cool.



9 thoughts on “To Belieb or Not to Belieb- I Dont Care Either Way

  1. I didn’t even have to teach my future old year old to not like Beiber. I can’t wait to sit down and watch his roast, but mostly because I love the comedians.

  2. Shelby, you do realize that Stella is never going to forgive you for all of this someday, right? The payback is going to be epic. In the meantime, I’m totally enjoying the ride so keep em’ coming!

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